Episode 46

Transparency vs Conspiracy

Sometimes it's easier to listen than it is to read. I am reading the advanced communication that began back in February of 2022, in attempt to reason with public officials.

I refrained from presenting the communication which began back in October which paints an even broader picture.

As public officials are named as defendants in the Federal Complaint, those in Law Enforcement have been presented a conditional settlement offer.

Here is Fun Fact.


They have until 12/24/2022 to respond, thus far, the responses have been, "we will await a response to our motion".

I have many, many questions that I will just keep silent for now. But after Holiday, I will share with you my questions. Hopefully, you would have a similar interest to my questions. Not that it is anywhere reasonable to expect a response.

This entire journey is to show the imbalance which is fortified in Graham v Connor.

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